PROJECT: Phoenix Pet Foods

Phoenix Pet Foods is based in Summerhill Business Park, Summerhill, Co. Meath, Ireland and works out of a modern, high capacity production facility that is fully licensed by Department of Agriculture

The project fittings were a mix of older inefficient High Bay Lighting and Floodlight fittings. These were replaced by highly efficient LED complete fittings to maximise the savings while providing instant quality lighting when required.

After opting for LED lighting with Project Green Commercial Phoenix Pet Foods will achieve an 83% reduction in lighting costs. As a result of switching to energy efficient lighting this organization has demonstrated its contribution to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

We at eLight only work with best-in-class energy services providers, with equipment and technology that is commercially proven and with warranties and guarantees as to performance from contractors and suppliers. Phoenix Pet Foods are very satisfied with the upgrade and will achieve many benefits as a result of switching to energy efficient lighting the right way.

KPI % Cost Saving: 65%