Hotels – Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

Believe it or not, eLight lighting is now so efficient it can actually cut your costs by over 80%. Our range of lamps, bulbs, downlights and strip lighting is ideal for replacing aesthetically pleasing but power hungry incandescent, halogen and fiber optic lighting.


“Maldron Parnell Square has always been dedicated to energy conservation, but our efforts to reduce our electricity consumption never reached its full potential until we decided to call in eLight to assist us.”
Philip Uzice, General Manager, Maldron Hotel, Parnell Square, Dublin

“As a busy 4 Star 103 bedroom Hotel we were lucky enough to have availed of this promotion from eLight in association with Energia & Philips. From the moment we made contact with eLight, we received fast, efficient service from very customer friendly staff. The promotion was explained in detail and hassle free. Not only did we receive a complete revamp of our lighting system to cut our costs by nearly 70% which is phenomenal, but we were offered a full installation of all lighting supplied by E-lights installation team. Fantastic service by all. Thank you eLight, Energia & Philips.”
Stephanie Nally, HR Manager, Mc William Park Hotel, Mayo

“The eLight LED lighting promotion has been a wonderful tool to assist us in increasing our energy efficiency. As a hotel, many areas throughout our grounds require 24 hour lighting and changing to high efficiency LED lights is a wonderful way to reduce our energy requirements. Your team has been quick to respond, efficient and precise. This promotion will go far in lighting the way for reduced costs and reduced environmental impact across the industry in Ireland. Again, thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a worthy endeavour.”
Meredith Hagie-McHugh, Acting General Manager, Kinnitty Castle Hotel, Offaly