About eLight

eLight “Light as a Service” are Ireland’s number one solutions experts for the supply, installation and management of fully guaranteed energy efficient LED lighting solutions to the commercial business sector in Ireland.

We invest 100% of the capital cost associated with the design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of energy efficient Lighting projects, over a 3 year term with the energy savings achieved completely funding the project.

We invest in projects that offer the highest levels of performance, using only market leading branded products that are fit for purpose and are supported by our full replacement guarantee.

In association with our partners Philips, Actavo and Ireland’s leading energy suppliers, we can provide our clients with a nationwide service to dramatically reduce existing lighting energy costs with our fully guaranteed solution with no capital requirement.

Although energy efficiency makes strong business sense, opportunities to cut energy demand by 40-60% are often not taken due to the up-front capital cost and know-how required. Market demand for energy efficiency solutions is growing rapidly due to high and rising energy prices and regulations, but investment in energy efficiency is far less established than renewable energy and often requires customized solutions.

We focus on opportunities to deliver replicable and scalable complete solutions for energy efficient lighting projects. By establishing our dedicated energy efficiency fund, we are able to take a longer term view and address project opportunities with 3 year contract periods that might not otherwise be implemented. Our specialist approach provides for a professional and streamlined approach to contracting, financing, installation and risk management over the 3 year term ensuring a full maintenance free solution for all projects, delivering energy savings that directly benefit the client.

eLight work with all commercial business’s in Ireland to deliver energy saving projects in a fully funded and guaranteed solution to provide “Light as a Service”.

Our Investments

eLight have the investment capital and expertise as well as partnerships with Ireland’s leading energy providers, the largest service provider in Ireland – Actavo, and the best in class LED lighting manufacturer Philips Lighting to deliver the highest quality energy efficient LED solutions that provide the highest levels of performance and reliability.

All eLight projects require no up-front capital outlay and result in lower operating costs with our “Light as a Service” 100% funded solution.